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Use of Recycling Bay

Residents are urged to start making use of the Thursdays re cycling pick up service as it will become compulsory for households to split domestic waste before putting it out for collection i.e. paper, plastics and glass to be split from kitchen type waste. Johannesburg will introduce it fully during the next months and Ekurhuleni will follow suit thereafter.

Currently we are issuing green bags for this use but will soon switch to clear, refuge bags made from recycled plastic as a more cost effective, green friendly measure.

An appeal is made to not throw items like polystyrene in the recycle bay as recyclers do not accept this leaving the Estate to resolve the issue of getting rid of it.

We are busy leveling an area atthe crusher site where we will start a compost facility for use on Estate gardens and when ready we will issue bags for grass clippings which will be collected from households wishing to make use of this.

Please refrain from dumping all types of garden refuge in the nature areas as it creates a danger to the wild life on the Estate and is certainly not pleasing to look at for people who love hiking/jogging in these areas. There are also steep penalties concerned should a resident be found guilty of dumping.

One viewpoint deck was demolished and rebuild to meet current safety regulations and we casted ramps to both view points to make it more accessible for the elderly and small children. Residents are invited to visit and enjoy the view of nature.