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Maintenance: Mountain Bike Trails

We have opened our new mountain bike trails where our environmental and maintenance team worked together in building our new tracks and installing new signs laying out the direction for future cyclers.

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Maintenance: Data Manhole Covers

With the demand of fibre within the estate service providers were frequently pulling cables through our data manholes.

This resulted in cracked and broken covers of the consistent lifting and dropping of it.

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Maintenance: Crusher Site


As many know there is quite allot of groundwater around the crusher site area.

This results in residents needing to constantly pump water on to the road which causes allot of potholes & maintenance.

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Maintenance: Roads

1. Team had to fix all sewerage covers into place to make sure no stormwater, rocks or debris can fall into the system. 2. Potholes were repaired right through estate 3. Road markings were done at Main Gate Entrance

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Maintenance: Sport Facalities

1. Tennis Court net had to be repaired 2. Multifunctional court net had to be repaired

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Maintenance: Netball Rings

Because of the constant damaging of the netball poles and rings due to removing and planting of poles as being utilized, our maintenance team decided to manufacture new netball rings which wouldn’t need a pole but would rather extend from the existing court frame. This means that the netball rings will be permanently fixed and immediately available to enjoy.

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Maintenance: Viewpoint Deck & Walkways

1. Because of the current state of 1 of the decks, being a safety concern, it was decided to replace the deck. (Refer to managers report)
2. Our maintenance team also built walkways to the decks making sure there is safe & easy passage for everyone to enjoy.

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Use of Recycling Bay

Residents are urged to start making use of the Thursdays re cycling pick up service as it will become compulsory for households to split domestic waste before putting it out for collection i.e. paper, plastics and glass to be split from kitchen type waste. Johannesburg will introduce it fully during the next months and Ekurhuleni will follow suit thereafter.

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After the recent fence breach incident our security layers were improved, and we are testing motion detection capabilities on key perimeter fence areas, the control room equipment and controls were upgraded to improve operator efficiency and Fidelity's surprise site visits by managers from other sites in the area during night time was beefed up and ADT assists with random checks along Michelle Avenue as well as drive through's in the Estate.

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Residents must note that the speed limitation is 40 km/hr. as a measure to protect our cyclists and children using the roads to walk about and to prevent our wild animals from being killed when they cross roads. A total of 7 animals was killed or had to be euthanized due to this during the past months.

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The Board approved a 5 (five) percent rebate for residents that settle their levy accounts 12 months in advance, but it was also decided that owners that settle levies/penalties via cash deposits will bear the bank costs of such transactions from the end of November 2018. The CSOS levy do not form part of this as it is a government fund obligation and currently amounts to R 40 per property per month.

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Baby Mammals

The natural areas have turned green after the rain we had. The rain is less than we would like but the little we have received has changed the dry winter veld into luscious green vegetation. But how ever little it is, the animals and the vegetation of the veld needed and appreciated it.

With a bit of rain, a few babies have arrived...

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Baby birds

Plenty of birds are building nests to have some chicks. The first of the baby birds have been heard and some have been seen. There are also those that have been blown out of their nest and need some help from us. If you find a baby bird, please first check if you can place it back in its nest or if you see the parents around teaching it to fly.

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Hibernating species

With the rain having fallen and temperatures becoming warmer, our hibernating species are out and about. These species include the South African Hedgehog, Tortoises, Scorpions, Snakes and Spiders. Please be careful when driving as tortoises are often seen crossing the roads during the day and hedgehogs are often seen crossing the roads at night.

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Bird walk

Please don't forget to join us for our monthly Bird walks which take place on one Saturday morning every month. All walks are guided by Kevin Lavery which does birding at various places to assist with various projects which include the bird atlas project2, Environmental impact assessments for various developments and also does guided walks at Various nature reserves.

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Game info

The total number of animals on the estate is 302 (Table 1). Between 1 March and 4 December 2018, the estate has had 45 new babies born and lost 37 animals (Table 1). These deaths were caused by suspected hit and runs, animals getting stuck in palisade by houses and/ or fish ponds, natural territorial fights between males, competition removal by new lead male in herds for own young and some natural deaths like age.

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Supplementary feeding

After a few good thunder storms in November and little bit of rain, the veld is starting to show more green vegetation. With numerous days having heatwave warnings, and the rainfall still being below average, the pregnant females have finally started having their babies.

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Update on Baby Small spotted Genets

With Summer having arrived, all mammals are having their babies. We do however ask that before trees are cut down, that they be checked for nests with baby birds in or for small spotted genet babies. We recently had a tree cut down without being checked, resulting in three baby small spotted genets being thrown from the tree. Two of the three has survived the fall and are now being hand raised.

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Problem plant - Common Dodder

Scientific name:

Cuscuta campestris (Family: Convolvulaceae)

Common Name:

Common Dodder

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Recycle, Recycle, it's not hard to do, you can reduce the pollution and help the world too!

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Pet Database

Recently we have had a few pets getting out of properties and find themselves in the natural area, being chased by wildebeest who feel threatened by their presence in its territory. In this case we attempt to capture them, without adding to much stress to the already scared and lost animal, and return them to their loving owners.

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