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Security Improvements

The control room and perimeter fence upgrade was completed, and we will start the next phase of introducing thermal cameras at key points to ensure we can link up with software installed that will assist in early detection of trespassers and increasing the efficiency of control room operators and the reaction task force.

New and additional cameras will also be fitted to the new clubhouse building to ensure proper monitoring and safety of residents and visitors to the clubhouse alike. This phase is planned to be completed at the end of March 2019 and residents will be informed closer to the time of the planned opening of this facility.

Our new Security Manager, MR. Juan Koch is performing an excellent task with the re training and re induction of the security guard arm personnel and improvements are noticed everywhere. Resident’s are urged to report any security issues to him to address and to ensure they receive feedback on their concerns.

Juan is part of the management team working hard to continually improve our efficiency and professionalism in delivering a good security service to residents, their guests and visitors to the Estate.

Residents must be aware that ADT, as part of Fidelity is performing additional patrols of the villages during night time and on public holidays and must not be alarmed when they see these vehicles slowly moving through the Estate. Patrols are pre-arranged with Juan and vehicle movements is tracked by GPS for future reference and for control purposes. This is an added value feature at no cost to the Estate.

Residents/tenants are urged to also play their part in safeguarding their own homes in that they close garage and other doors at night as security regularly must contact owners in this regard late at night to action. They must also report suspicious activities immediately through the control room for action/investigation.

We also urge residents to bio register all employees to safeguard themselves and others as the SAPS repeatedly expressed their frustration when residents expects them to investigate and solve crimes/incidents when there are no reliable identification or contact information available from the residents that employed such person or from the Estates themselves. Note it takes one call to administration to block access should an employee no longer be welcome at the residents/ tenant’s property.