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After the recent fence breach incident our security layers were improved, and we are testing motion detection capabilities on key perimeter fence areas, the control room equipment and controls were upgraded to improve operator efficiency and Fidelity’s surprise site visits by managers from other sites in the area during night time was beefed up and ADT assists with random checks along Michelle Avenue as well as drive through’s in the Estate.

All site operating instruction were revised, and we arranged for independent specialist audits for the perimeter fences as well as cameras and other equipment used on the Estate. Presentations was done to the security committee on 19 November 2018.

Residents/tenants are urged to also play their part in safeguarding their own homes in that they close garage and other doors at night as security regularly must contact owners in this regard late at night to action. They must also report suspicious activities immediately through the control room for action/investigation.

We also urge residents to bio register all employees to safeguard themselves and others as the SAPS repeatedly expressed their frustration when residents expects them to investigate and solve crimes/incidents when there are no reliable identification or contact information available from the residents that employed such person or from the Estates themselves. Note it takes one call to administration to block access should an employee no longer be welcome at the residents/ tenant’s property.

The Estate welcomes Mr. Juan Koch as Security Manager. Juan is married and have 4 children with two still at school. He has vast police experience as SWAT member and control room operations management and is a registered firearm instructor with background in the estate security industry and we are looking forward to his contributions to enhance the overall security awareness and on-going training of our security personnel.

Two control room operators also joined recently i.e. Mrs. Lindiwe Sibyia who is married and have 3 children and Mr. Smangele Ngobese who is married and have one child and the Estate welcome them as part of the team looking after our resident’s interests.