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Drones on Estates

The Estate forms part of the Kliprivier conservation area hence are controlled by SACCA regulations that prohibits flying a remotely piloted aircraft or toy aircraft 50 meters or closer from:

  • Any person/group of persons (like at sport fields, social events, schools, club houses etc.)
  • Over or next to any property without permission from the property owner
  • near any manned aircraft or 10 km or closer to an aerodrome (airport, helipad, airfield) Rand airport fall within this range
  • in controlled/restricted/prohibited airspace
  • national parks and protected/conservation areas especially as it may disturb/chase wild animals leading to unnecessary safety risks to animals and or humans. Only drones used for wild life conservation and research purposes are allowed subject to special permission.

It must be noted that unless approved by the Director of Civil Aviation of the SACAA no one can fly a remotely piloted aircraft or toy aircraft higher than 45 meters from the ground and or land or take off such craft from any public road.

People flying drones as a hobby (personal and private use) do not need a SACAA license but !!! must still comply with all SACAA set rules and regulation for remote piloted aircraft systems.

From the above it is clear that the Estate is a no fly area and residents are urged to ensure that their siblings, friends and family are aware of this as a few incidents already happened where a neighbour’s privacy was invaded by flying a drone with camera recording abilities over the property and another where a remote controlled toy aircraft took off from a public road causing oncoming traffic to maneuver to avoid it.

Eagles are also known to attack drones entering their air space as they see it as an intruder into their hunting space, but this may lead to them injuring themselves apart from destroying such craft.

Where the game capturers on the Estate do make use of a drone it will be with the required special permission and only at close range to the BOMA or affected area to assist to monitor/ find/ drive animals into the holding pens.

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