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Baby Mammals

The natural areas have turned green after the rain we had. The rain is less than we would like but the little we have received has changed the dry winter veld into luscious green vegetation. But how ever little it is, the animals and the vegetation of the veld needed and appreciated it.

With a bit of rain, a few babies have arrived…

To date, the babies include a total of 3 zebra (2 killed by dominant stallion), 14 springbuck, 2 red hartebeest, 1 steenbuck, 8 kudu, 2 mountain reedbuck, 1 wildebeest and 13 waterbucks. Babies still to arrive include black wildebeest, zebra, southern reedbuck, steenbuck, mountain reedbuck and more springbuck. Some are shown off by mom, others are kept away from all till they are a bit older.

Please be careful around the babies as the parents can get protective and will storm when you get too close. This is especially the case with the Black wildebeest and Zebra. Special care is to be taken when walking between the animals with babies, especially when walking with a dog (must be on lead).

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