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Water Restrictions information notice

Ekurhuleni is implementing a 10 % punitive rate in an effort to coerce people to save
water and resident’s using more than 25 kilolitres of water per month will be charged
a 10 % punitive rate.

Businesses and other users will be charged up to 40 % penalty if not decreasing their
annual average use by 15 % and this average consumption will be based on an
average consumption over 12 months starting September 2015 to August 2016.
Current restrictions include no use of hosepipes to water gardens, wash drive ways
or wash vehicles, no sprinklers/irrigation during day time hours(06h00 – 18h00) and
no filling of swimming pools with municipal water. Plants may be watered using
buckets during day time.

A fee of R 6753.64 per incident on the property representing water consumption and
related administration costs in case of household usage will be charged.
Residents can view or download the Municipal Water Tariffs 2016/2017 at council/tariffs. To report water / service related
incidents or interruptions use the call centre number 086 054 3000.

There are still daily incidents in our estate where gardeners are either hosing down
drive ways or watering gardens and when approached they insist they are following
owners instructions and do not want to lose their jobs for not complying.

We appeal to residents to stop these practises immediately as it influences all people
and if our usage rate is unacceptable Rand Water simply reduces the water pressure
to the estate with the result that many people will be out of water supply for hours.

On behalf on the Home Owners Association,
Wim Van Der Nest