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Campsite and View point

The estate offers residents the opportunity to enjoy the bush side of life without leaving the estate. The view points over a spectacular view over the beautiful natural veld section with all the koppies and geographical features one can ask for. The viewing decks are also perfect place to enjoy watching the sun rise in the mornings (for morning people) and for the watching the sun set in the afternoons (the rest of us that are not morning people) while enjoying a glass of wine or a cold drink. There has also been a toilet facility added close to the two viewing decks for the visits that are often longer than we plan.

The second area the estate offers for that close to home break away is the campsite. The campsite is a hidden gem between the beautiful nature that surrounds it. There have been some upgrades done at the campsite with an additional toilet facility being added as well as a washing section close to the braai area. The campsite is perfect for the evening to camo and spend the night watching the true beauty of the stars above and the campfire for enjoying marshmallows. In addition to these upgrades the estate will now also offer tents that are available to hire. Camping can be done with your own tent or with one from the estate. The best part of the hire option is that the tent will be put up before your arrival at the estate and removed once you have left the campsite.

We do however request that the campsite be booked in order to ensure there is sufficient water and toilet paper available. All bookings are to be made at the office by Wednesday at 16:00 in order for us to ensure the facility is as requested. The booking system is to reduce the risk of the facility being double booked and thus inconveniencing you and your plans. The costs for the facility is payable with completion of the forms at the office. The daily fee (day/ evening only) or Camping fee (sleeping over) is to cover the cost of the wood supplied and to ensure the area is clean and all facilities are in working order.

The cost for the facility is as follow:

  • Daily fee – R150 (2 bags of wood supplied)
  • Camping fee – R250 (4 bags of wood supplied)
  • Additional bag of wood – R80 per bag
  • Bag of charcoal – R85 per bag
  • Tent Hire – R300 per night (sleeps 6)

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