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Fidelity introduced a new vehicle and a new quad bike with new branding to ensure easy recognition and visibility. The guards at the gate are also more visible in order to assist should help be required at the gates.

Situational drills like “Gate Lock Down, firefighting and vehicle/building site searches” are done regularly to enforce knowledge and experience of the security team to ensure quick, efficient responses to different situations when it arises.

Fire drills are crucial due to the fire risks present on Estate borders and the dangers this create to homeowner and animals alike. We have fire fighting equipment and staff and security officers are trained to do firefighting while we work together with our neighbours to assist should any fire start on there properties to stop it from reaching us. Residents are urged to immediately call the control room should they observe veld fires in areas surrounding the Estate.

We joined hands with Fidelity in identifying and issue a recognition award to the security employee of the month and we include photos of the first recipients of the awards. Guard of the month for February was S Stofile, March was M Semadhla and April T Ndlovu. Residents are welcome to forward names should they feel a specific guard or security person performed duties beyond their scope of work. Suggestions to improve service delivery are also welcome and can be addressed to the Estate Manager.

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