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Security: Access Control

A neighbouring Estate recently had an incident where a person entered legally as passenger in a vehicle but was dropped off at an unoccupied property where he proceed to entered and claimed the property to be his as the person dropping him off stated he can take it.

SAPS intervention was required to remove him after a charge of illegal trespassing was laid and the case is under investigation.

Residents/tenants are warned to be vigilant when issuing codes to visitors to enter the Estate as the above incident can happen anywhere at any given time.

Residents/tenants must avoid having visitors/deliveries arrive at the Main Gate without pre send codes as the voice clearance process result in queueing delays where security must call contact after contact till someone eventually answer their phones and give permission for entry. It upsets visitors having to wait to enter as well as the resident/tenant waiting for visitors to arrive.


HOA rules do not allow any unlicensed vehicle or driver to enter Estate property and access will be refused to such vehicles/drivers. The worst offenders are delivery vehicles/ motorcycles where either the one or the other is found and security is following HOA laid down rules hence it is no use to confront them regarding this.

It is expected that residents/tenants ensure that their visitors are aware of the entry requirements as well as other applicable rules such as the speed restrictions, safe use of our roads, restricted access to common property etc.

The use of voice clearances when visitors arrive at the gates are not encouraged as it causes queueing of vehicles and frustrates other visitors waiting to enter when persons on the contact list cannot be reached and repeat calls must be made by security till someone is reached who can approve such a visitor to enter.

Residents/tenants coming to the gates and use their biometric print to give access to such vehicles/persons are transgressing security protocols and will be fined at R 2 500 per incident/vehicle each time such an offence occur. A resident/tenant cannot give indemnity to any person wanting to enter who do not meet HOA requirements regarding vehicle or driver licenses.

As per recent letters to residents/tenants regarding the Supreme Court and Constitutional Court outcome on HOA’s rights to make, implement and enforce rules and the contractual obligations which comes into being between home owners and HOA’s when purchasing/renting property in Estates cleared misunderstandings of the past and we appeal to all to comply with the set rules but also to forward concerns/new proposals for rules that can be discussed and if accepted be approved at the annual AGM.