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Pet database

Recently we have had a few pets getting out of properties. These pets are either picked up by other residents, some are picked up by contractors and taken home, some are run over by vehicles, some are lost for days or never found and some find themselves in the natural area, being chased by animals who feel threatened by their presence in its territory. In the case of residents finding these lost pets, we can assist in finding their home, in the case of them finding their way into the natural area, we attempt to capture them if found. When capturing them we try to do so without adding too much stress to the already scared and lost animal and return them to their loving owners.

For those with collars with tags, we return without problem but for those without collars with tags, we do not have any idea of who they belong to. In this case, we keep them in a holding area for a few hours but if not collected, we take them to the vet to check for a microchip. If no microchip is found, they either remain at the vet or are taken to the SPCA.

Please help us by keeping an eye out for your pets when leaving and returning home. Please assist us by reporting lost animals to the control room on 011 867 3475. We are also creating a database for pets on the estate, please assist us with this idea so that we may help you when your pet gets out. Please contact Odette at with the following information about your pets:

Name, breed, colour, sex, age, sterilization MUST be done on all cats, and dogs are to be indicated if sterilization has been done or not, if a microchip is present or not and a photograph.

We will also need a preferred contact number in case of your pet gets out and a stand number.