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Animals needing help

On 8 September 2017, a resident informed us of a kudu that has plastic stuck around his front foot. On 9 September the vet was called to assist with darting the kudu in order to remove the plastic and to treat the wound. After a 3 hour battle to get close enough to dart the male kudu, we had a successful darting. The big male which was estimated to be around 200 kg in weight went down beautifully in the riverine section. In order to remove and treat the leg, the kudu had to be moved to more level ground. With security staff, residents and vet staff assisting, we managed to move the big male to a better location.

All involved was assisting in numerous ways to keep the big boy cooled down and vital signs being monitored by the second. The plastic was removed with little hassle and the wound was treated. The kudu was then loaded on the bakkie and moved to an area to be woken up from the darting drugs.

The reason for moving him is to place him in an area where he can wake up without disturbance and without possible areas where he can get injured or stuck due to the side effects of the drugs.

Thanks to the resident quick reporting, the damage to the leg was minimal and the leg was saved without leaving any side effect. The male kudu has been monitored for days after the plastic has been removed and made a full recovery. If you see any animal that is in need of help, please do not hesitate to contact the Environmental manager Odette on 082 462 9518 for assistance.

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