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Other interesting sightings on the estate

Every so often we spot interesting animals and birds passing through the estate. Some remain longer than others and some become residents of the area. During the lockdown, there were two birds of prey that we don’t normally see that often on the estate.

The first was a juvenile Fish Eagle which was spotted. The juvenile has been spotted from time to time since then fishing by the dam on the Meyer farm and peacefully flying over the estate.

The second was a juvenile African Harrier Hawk which was spotted. The juvenile has only been spotted once after this on the Meyers farm.

There is a healthy population of porcupine and cane rats on the estate. Being mainly nocturnal animals, we seldom see them. Camera traps are the main method to spot many of our nocturnal species. But by accident, we had a Porcupine find itself in the traps we place out for the capture and removal of dassies. The porcupine was released back into the estate the following morning.