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Game Numbers

Every year a new summer season brings new babies. With new babies comes an increase in numbers and an increase in the impact on the natural vegetation. With the increase of impact on the vegetation, the number of game to be removed is calculated based on veld biomass and nutritional value for each game species.

To date, the numbers of game per species on the estate is listed in the table below. The table also shows what was removed in 2017 (game capture and mortalities), what babies were born and what game species and numbers we plan to remove during this year. New genetics will have to be brought in this year as well and information will be given once permits have been obtained.

The first game capture for the year was done during March and April by means of passive capture. A total of 60animals were removed. Table below indicates the remaining and removed animals per species. Residents must note that game capturing will commence again during July to remove excess/unwanted animals to reduce the impact on the grazing capacity and to be able to introduce new blood lines. Residents wanting to purchase animals must obtain the required permits i.e. to transport and or re locate such animals. Prices are determined by the going rates at auctions and or prices available from leading game websites. Interested parties can e mail enquiries to estate management.

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