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Game capture

Every year a new summer season brings new babies. With new babies comes an increase in numbers and an increase in the impact on the natural vegetation. With the increase of impact on the vegetation, the number of game to be removed is calculated based on veld biomass and nutritional value for each game species.

A game capture was done from 20/3/2018 till the 30/4/2018. A total of 62 animals were removed during this period. Both passive capture and darting was used during this period.

    With the passive capture the following animals were removed:

  • 2 Waterbuck cows
  • 4 Zebra: 1 stallion with 3 mares
  • 13 Springbuck: 4 Males, 2 Females, 7 Young springbuck rams
  • 29 Impala: 2 Mature males, 4 Pen koppies, 23 Females
  • 1 Kudu cow which was released
    With the darting, male animals were mainly selected. The following animals were removed:

  • 10 Wildebeest: 9 bulls and 1 cow
  • 1 Waterbuck bull
  • 3 Zebra stallions

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