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Change in the season

Autumn has come and gone and winter has arrived. The temperatures are cooling down, the sun has started to rise a little later than before and the nights are turning longer. The trees are changing colour from green to the reds, orange, and yellows of Autumn which blended into the brown of winter. Veld grasses have also gone from the beautiful lush green of summer to the red and yellow colours of Autumn with the dusty dull brown of winter to follow after the first bit of frost.

The migrating bird species such as the swallows have all headed to areas with a warmer climate. All the birds have lost their beautiful bright colours of summer and all blend in with the dusty surrounding shades of brown and grey with their winter plumage.

The hibernating species are busy storing reserves for the winter. These species include the South African Hedgehog, Tortoises, Snakes, and Spiders. After a nice summer with an abundant food source, all would have started storing fat to use during the winter hibernation that lies ahead. Please be careful when driving as tortoises are still seen crossing the roads during the warmer day and hedgehogs are still seen crossing the roads on the warmer nights. If you find one of these hibernating species in your yard, please contact the control room on 011 867 3475 / 010 015 0968 or the Environmental manager, Odette, on 0664362889 for assistance to remove and relocate them back to the natural areas.