Talks and projects - Archeological project

On 5th September 2019 we had a group of third year archaeology students from Wits for their field school to have a closer look at the ruins on the high ground of the Estate.

The research aim was to compare the architectural details of the ruins on the high ground with those found in the Suikerbosrand reserve. The details include corbelled huts, stone towers and stone-marked passageways, none of which show up on aerial imagery. The students were trained for the necessary skills and the outcome of their work will be a digital map with the architectural details plotted and marked. The skills they learnt included close observation of stone walled ruins, orienteering and proper note taking.

Only notes were taken on the architectural detail and features were photographed. There was no excavation, no removal of objects and the students were under strict supervision to ensure no damage was caused to the ruins or plants and animals, as well as to ensure no objects were left behind.