New Meyersdal Eco Estate Right of Entry

Meyersdal Eco estate Right of Entry

  • Admission rights reserved for all persons/vehicles & subject to HOA governance rules.
  • 40 Km/hr. speed restriction apply & CCTV monitoring done.
  • Estate/Amenities access used at Entrants/their passengers’ sole risk. Access indemnify HOA members, management and all related service providers/mandatories/affiliates against claims for any personal loss, theft, damage, negligence, injury/death of any person.
  • Beware of free roaming wild animals & always treat them with caution.
  • Soetdoring gate access/exit for HOA member vehicles with tags only, no uber/taxi/deliveries allowed. No tag, no entry. Do not hoot in front of gate, access will be denied & penalties issued.

Meyersdal Eco Nature Area Entry Requirements

  • Entry to Nature/game/dam areas is solely at own risk & the HOA members/affiliates & management will not be liable for any injury/death, damage/loss of personal goods resulting from any cause.
  • No swimming/canoeing is allowed in dams and only catch/release fishing allowed.
  • Beware of free roaming wild animals and exercise caution as animal behavior are unpredictable and may cause harm. Pets must be on a leash always, but their presence may provoke game that want to protect their young ones or territory.
  • Do not enter restricted areas & no golf/Pilatus carts are allowed on Mountain Bike tracks. No quad bikes/off road motorcycles are allowed on Estate common property & roads.
  • Refer to HOA governance documents for full exclusion of liability and indemnities.