Recycling - July 2019


Recycle, Recycle, it’s not hard to do, you can reduce the pollution and help the world too!

To help make recycling easier, recycling bags with different recycling will be collected on Thursday from your house between 8:00 and 10:00. We do an urgent plea for all recycling to be sorted with its own type, glass with glass, paper with paper, plastic with plastic and cans with cans. This will make the collection of recycling easier for the us.

We also please ask that NO POLYSTYRENE be added in the recycling as this is not an item that can be recycled. We also have some residents who dump their garden waste and domestic waste in the recycling bay. Cameras will be added to the recycling bay area in order to penalize the person who has been dumping their garden waste in the bay over the weekend. Please do not dump your domestic waste and garden waste in the bay or in the veld. We also ask residents that do take their own recycling to the bay not to just drop it off right in the gate but to place it in the correct bins where possible.