Fidelity Crime Prevention Tips August 2019

Residents/tenants must please contact the security control room first when observing incidents, transgressions or when needing any other assistance i.e. snake found on property, observed fire close to or in the Estate, animals being injured or complaints regarding noise, speeding, youngsters using Polaris/golf cart type vehicles recklessly or without supervision of a licensed driver etc.

The control room will despatch the reaction officers, get hold of the security manager where needed or the responsible Estate managers for guidance or to address the concern raised.

010 015 0968 / 082 044 3190

We also urge residents to bio register all employees to safeguard themselves and others as the SAPS repeatedly expressed their frustration when residents expects them to investigate and solve crimes/incidents when there are no reliable identification or contact information available from the residents that employed such person or from the Estates themselves. Note it takes one call to administration to block access should an employee no longer be welcome at the residents/ tenant’s property.

Residents/tenants are urged to ensure their garage and house doors are closed and locked at nighttime as a good practice as we still have ongoing incidents where security must inform residents/tenants that their property is not secured. Note that the HOA is not responsible for the security each private property, as the HOA have responsibility for access/exit control, securing of fences, common facilities/areas and the monitoring of the villages/roads only.