Security Service Providers

The responsibility for the maintenance of our perimeter fences, our camera system and the control room was outsourced to C3 Shared Technologies as from May 2019. Technical advisors are busy with detailed investigations and will present a needs analysis during July 2019 to assist with a route map going forward i.e. the implementation of thermal cameras and applicable software to enhance our monitoring efficiency and proactive approach to prevent incidents and increase detection awareness.

Entry Pro remains the chosen service provider for Access/Exit control on the Estate.

Fidelity was chosen to continue the current guarding service and added two mules to monitor fences on a 24/7 basis. Additional value-added benefits which will be discussed at the AGM was secured as added benefits to their current offering.

The MEYERSDAL ECO Fidelity security team is also the winner of the Fidelity Brian Smith floating trophy for service excellence and we congratulate Juan and his team for the excellent work. Well Done team MEYERSDAL!!

Fidelity also provided a display of force with the opening of the upgraded clubhouse facility with new mule type vehicles introduced to expand patrolling efficiency on the fences and nature areas, helicopter fly overs which are now a regular occurrence as part of crime prevention strategies for MEYERSDAL and their SWOT reaction team supporting team MEYERSDAL on the day to ensure activities were well managed and controlled.