Speeding/Other Road Traffic Transgressions

The speed limit on the Estate is 40 km/hr. and monitoring is done with speed calibrated devices which are handheld or semi fixed cameras. As explained above HOA’s are legally entitled to lay down speed limits and enforce the safe use of roads through a system of rules/regulations and laid down penalties for transgressions of its rules/regulations.

The security compliance officer/Estate management will issue penalties/fines where Estate rules/regulations is transgressed and when issued penalties/fines must be settled within seven working days from date of issue. Written presentations must be made to the Estate manager soonest should a person feel aggrieved about a penalty issued or want to present substance to request leniency. A written outcome will be forwarded in due time to such a person.

If the fine is not settled and a representation was not submitted the outstanding penalty will be charged to the owner’s levy account, the following month. It must be noted that all resident’s/tenants remain responsible for Estate rule transgressions of visitors to their stands hence penalties/fines must be settled by them should the visitor not own up.

Awareness – Speed restriction and camera surveillance warning signs will be installed at all entrances to the Estate soon to ensure visitors to the Estate is alerted and to enhance awareness of the speed requirements.